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Steel Shop Buildings

Your shop could be your auto repair business. It could also be your private abode for your weekend hobby or a shed for your farm equipment. Whatever use you have in mind for your workshop project, it’s important that the building is strong, sturdy, and spacious.

Strong, Sturdy, Spacious Steel Shop Buildings

Strong, Sturdy, Spacious Steel Shop Buildings

At All Quality Construction and Aluminum Inc., we ensure that our steel shop building satisfies all these requirements. Our steel buildings comply with industry standards so you will have a structurally sound and safe workplace. These metal buildings can withstand fire, strong winds, and even earthquake. Our steel materials are pre-engineered to withstand different forces or elements particular to your location. Because the shops are made of steel, termite infestation is something you will not worry about. Unlike traditional wood buildings, our steel shop buildings have no center columns or load-bearing walls to take up precious space. As a result, you get more free interior space. Moreover, our metal buildings can be made to any specifications.

Our clients also consider their steel shop building a wise investment for the following reasons:

  • Energy efficient – The design of our metal buildings allows you to save on energy bill. It promotes better air circulation and requires less lighting fixtures because of skylights and strategically placed windows.
  • Flexible – We can make your steel shop to any size or shape you prefer. Our steel shops feature adjustable interior partitions so you can easily optimize available space as your business requires. If you decide to expand later, you can do so at a minimal cost and with little difficulty. 
  • Low cost – Metal building is 60% cheaper to construct than wood or brick buildings. Since it can be built faster and with minimal labor requirements, you will save a lot on construction cost.
  • Customizable – We can make your shop bare or bold or whatever your style preference is. We can add skylights to allow natural light and reduce your energy bill. We can also install roll-up doors, insulators, or other features that you need. These are available in a wide range of designs and color finishes.

Reliable Metal Shop Builder in Florida

All Quality Constructions and Aluminum Inc. is the name trusted by shop owners in Florida. We have a team of experienced professional builders, who can help you make practical decisions with regard to your shop. Our steel shop buildings are perfect for repair shops, car dealerships, manufacturing and furniture shops, hobbyist workshop, and many other businesses that require sturdy and secure housing. Call us today for a free estimate on your metal shop project.

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