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Steel Frame Homes

Every homeowner wants the safest and healthiest home for his or her family. All Quality Constructions and Aluminum Inc. understand these needs, and we are here to help make your dream home come true. We know that the framework of a building is crucial to its integrity. As a backbone of your house, the framework should be strong and sturdy. This is why we’ve chosen to specialize in steel building construction. Steel is the strongest and readily available construction material. When used as a building framework, steel turns a house into a safe and secure abode for you and your family. It’s been proved time and time again that our steel frame homes can withstand strong winds, heavy roof loads, earthquakes, termites, and other destructive weather conditions like hurricanes.

The Difference Steel Frames Make

Our recipe for sturdy and durable steel frame houses is no secret: We combine the best building materials with the best construction process in the industry. We use high grade, pre-engineered steel frames that resist warping, twisting, rusting, splitting, and sagging. The steel frames are assembled by licensed and professional home builders to ensure structural integrity of your home. All of our clients are convinced that steel frame homes are smart investment because of the following reasons:

  • Steel frame buildings are energy-efficient.
  • Steel frame homes are earthquake and fire proof.
  • Steel frames are coated with zinc to prevent corrosion.
  • It’s easier and faster to renovate and remodel steel frame houses.
  • Building a steel frame house costs about the same as a traditional wooden house but is more durable and lasts longer.
The Difference Steel Frames Make

Flexibility in Construction

At All Quality Constructions and Aluminum Inc., we believe that your home should be a reflection of your own style and taste. Before starting the design process, our design team will talk with you to learn about the architectural style you prefer. We will also discuss the inclusions that you want. For instance, the number of rooms and the type of windows to be used are all taken into consideration. Moreover, our steel frame homes look just like the traditional wood frame houses. But once the steel frames are covered, no one will be able to tell the difference

Building Steel Frame Homes for Years

Through years of building residential homes in Florida, we have been able to develop a unique approach to residential constructions. Our process enables us to dramatically reduce production and building costs, as well as assembly and construction time. We also build steel barns and steel schools. Take the first step to providing your family the safest and most durable house you can give.  Contact us today! 

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