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Steel Aircraft Hanger Buildings

Most aircraft hangars are built of steel or metal—and that’s for a lot of reasons. Like a garage, these buildings are constructed to provide shade and protection for your valuable investment. No wonder why many people consider them as glorified garages. But unlike a garage, building a hangar, even with hangar kits, can be very complicated. That’s when we come to the scene. You don’t have to stress yourself over which material to use, what design to choose, what requirements to follow, and where to build. We’ll simplify everything so you’ll have nothing to worry about, but everything to enjoy.

Aircraft Hangars Made of Steel and Metal

Majority of airplane hangars in the world are made using metal and steel, although wood, concrete, and fabric are also used in a few structures. Why not? The world’s largest hangars like the Hangar 1 Lakehurst and Goodyear Airdock are made of steel. Both of these have been around since 1920s, and they’re still up and kicking. They don’t keep just any aircraft, but the famous ZR-1, LZ 130, ZRS-5, and ZRS-4. Wood and fabric may be lighter, but these can never provide the same level of protection as steel and metal. And don’t forget the sleek and flawless look with these materials

Aircraft Hangar

Our Sizes and Designs

The overall cost of constructing a steel aircraft hangar depends largely on its size. Small hangars are those with span sizes of 30 meters or lesser; while the medium sized are 30 to 60 meters. Large hangars range from 60 to 90 meters, and XL sized are 90 to 120 meters. Hangars larger than 120 meters, like the Hangar of Iberia Desarrollo Barcelona, are referred to as XXL. To determine the perfect size, we need to know how many and what type of aircrafts will populate the area. We’ll also consider the maintenance requirements and other areas, like the shop, warehouse, floor space, office space, and building utilities.

Building Quality and Industry-Compliant Hangars

Remember that aircrafts are designed to fly and not to be stocked in the hangar. That’s possible with a steel aircraft hangar that gives sufficient space for easy flying. Before we start with the construction, we check the area first to ensure that you will spend most of the time flying. Of course, local requirements must be taken into account. The airplane hangar should be compliant with the local building codes and the mandatory requirements of the Defense Department. No need to hassle yourself about all these technicalities because that’s part of our job. So are you ready to build your first steel aircraft hangar in Florida? Contact the hangar specialist - All Quality Construction and Aluminum Inc.

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